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Why I Ride: Miles Kirsch

I ride to turn transportation into exploration. Biking is the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable method of transit in a city like Boston, and being able to add an element of curiosity and freedom to daily commutes or routine errands allows for spontaneity and variety. Biking breaks down barriers between you and the rest of the city: figuratively and literally. Most importantly, it's the perfect activity to clear your head after a long day or to fill it with new ideas.


Why I Ride: Javier Raxcacó

I ride my bike because it gives me a sense of freedom. 
Freedom from the fake parts of the world. Freedom from the confines of my block or my apartment. Freedom from laziness. Freedom from the grip of the international oil trade. Freedom from the running thoughts in my mind. Freedom to explore. Freedom to learn. Freedom to exist. 
Being able to bike is how I can be part of the landscape of a certain place. I am able to learn the streets better, see more, experience more. I'm able to express myself through my riding style--somethings chill and relaxed, sometimes fast and aggressive, sometimes steady and focused, sometimes energized, and sometimes totally exhausted. 
Biking has shown me a lot about life. There are times when I feel fantastic! I feel like I can bike forever with no problems. Then I have moments when I just want to stop and never bike again. At the end of the day, there's no option but to keep peddling until I reach my destination. 
Life is just that. No matter what, all we can do in this life is continue peddling. There are moments of rest and recovery, but those are short-lived. There are moments of intense effort and exhaustion, but those too are temporary. The only constant is the pushing of the pedals; one way or another we just have to keep moving towards our destination. 
Until we can't keep peddling. 
Biking has showed me how fleeting life is. Human life is so fragile. One wrong move and my life could be significantly altered, or completely ended. It's part of the experience of biking. It's part of the experience of life. 
To me, riding my bike is how I live. It is life itself. 
Through my bike I can break down human barriers. I meet new people, see new places, experience a new life, even if it's just for a short moment. It's how I express myself. It's how I rebel against society-- I take over the streets, blast music as I bike, I tell society; "this is me. I am here. I don't care what you think. I deserve to be here too. I deserve to be the ultimate expression of myself". 
Biking is empowerment. Biking is community. Biking is health. Biking is emotion. Biking is triumph. Biking is tragedy. 
Biking is love. 

Why I Ride: Adrian Ayala

Although I have been biking most of my life, I rarely use it to commute. I see biking as a way to reinvent how I move and navigate space. When I started doing BMX, protrusions, railings, and other things people viewed as obstacles I saw as opportunities for a new form of movement, creating tricks and getting inventive. The same thing happened with the wilderness when I started mountain biking. For me, biking is not just about getting places faster, but traversing space in a new, less inhibited way. 

I ride because...

I ride....
To find a new way, to find a new destination, or to find some peace in my own mind.
To get to work, to get a coffee, to get something from a shop downtown.
To break a sweat, to break a PR, to break a funky mood.
To cross bridges, especially when others think they go 'nowhere'.

Why I Ride

I ride because it is more fun and often more convenient than driving.  When I ride to work, I don't have to pay for parking or gas and there is no concern about traffic.  If I want to take the T downtown, the fastest and cheapest way to get from my house to the T-station is by bike, and I don't have to worry about parking when I get there.  When I go to the hardware store or the grocery store, it is much more fun to go by bike than by car.  I'm so happy with the saddle bag I bought for carrying groceries.  I ride my bike because it is more comfortable than getting in and out of a hot stuffy car.  I ride my bike because I feel so much better physically after the ride than after driving in a car.  And, on top of all that, I ride my bike because it creates zero pollution or noise.  But, I don't necessarily encourage my family to ride, because our streets aren't safe enough for bikes.  I want to see separated bike ways throughout the city so others can experience the freedom of biking as I do.

   Why I Ride

               Why I Ride

I ride because it beats walking

I ride because it lets me hear, see and smell the world around me

I ride because I can say hello and smile to other bicyclists & walkers

I ride because my bike bell sounds so much cooler than a car’s horn

I ride because it’s a small thing I can do to fight climate change

I ride because I want to be an example to my children, neighbors and youngsters

I ride because our bicycle community rocks!

Why do I ride?

WHY do I ride? I ride because it makes me feel good!  I LOVE the feeling of the roll from that first pedal stroke.  Its a GREAT way to see the world - not too fast, not too slow.  I feel awake and energized when I arrive to work on my bike.   I know I am not using fossil fuels. 

Bikes are Freedom Machines!

Why I ride: As an adult, I rediscovered bike riding and gained newfound appreciation for the freedom a bike provides. I started incrementally - riding to the T station and nearby shops until one day taking the plunge and riding the 6 miles to work with a group of LMA colleagues during Bike Week 2015. From there, I was hooked and starting riding my bike EVERYWHERE! Then, I got a set of bar mitts and studded tires and now I'm a year-round bike rider. I love having the option to be multi-modal by pairing my bike with public transportation and appreciate the freedom of no longer being reliant on a car for most trips. I save so much money and by traveling in a more physically active way I hope to reduce my risks of some of the health challenges present in my family. 

Why Priscilla rides: because what kind of dog mom would I be if I didn't let my fuzzy barnacle have her own bikejoy - you see so many more squirrels by bike than you do looking out the window at home!

Why I Ride: Ben Averbuch

When I entered my second year of college in Boston, I picked up a cheap bike off Craigslist just to get to class and run errands. I quickly became addicted to biking not only to get from place to place, but also to reach areas of Boston I had never been to before. Soon enough, I was biking through all kinds of weather and needed an upgrade badly. 

As I got more serious about riding, I saw that many of my friends wanted to come along but were put off by some of the more perilous streets in the Boston area, and I became hyperaware of the safest and most scenic bike routes to bring friends to. In the future, I want to see bike lanes and networks all over the state given the attention they deserve to get more people experiencing the freedom and mobility of bicycling.


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