Letter to Elected Official

Bonus Challenge: Here at MassBike, we value bike advocacy almost as much as riding itself, and it is representatives at the local level who often do the most for their communities. So this week, if you get in touch with your local elected official, we will reward you. Feel free to CC [email protected] in an email to your official, or tag them on social media and @MassBike #BayStateBikeMonth #MCBC2020.

To find your local elected official, please check here.

Please feel encouraged to get creative with your email, but here is a template to get you started:

Hello (Their Title and Name),

My name is (Your Name) and I am writing as a resident of (Your Address). This September is Bay State Bike Month, and this week of September 19-27 is the Bicycle Challenge where we're encouraging people to get out and ride more bikes more often. As one of their incentives to encourage bicycling, I'd like to ask you as my local elected official if you'd like to join me for a bicycle ride around (Your City/Town) and to bring attention to our local bike infrastructure! I would love for the opportunity to organize a socially-distanced ride with you and others in the community to show our solidarity for biking and for creating safer and more bicycle-friendly streets. 

This ride could be a wonderful opportunity to showcase what (Your City/Town/District) has been doing in the name of creating safer biking conditions, and we'd promote over social media with selfies and photos of us around town! I would love to hear from you if a ride this week, or sometime this fall, would be possible. Thank you for your work, and hopefully we can enjoy the season with a nice ride soon.


Your Name


In celebration of MassCommute Bicycle Challenge 2020, MassBike is holding a new challenge EVERY DAY! Check our social media each morning at 9am for the day's challenge (and be sure to check back for more bonus challenges). All challenges run concurrently and end at midnight on Sunday, September 27th. To enter, use the challenge hashtag AND log your trip in our Bike Challenges platform. Instructions for joining are here.

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