Bikes are Freedom Machines!

Why I ride: As an adult, I rediscovered bike riding and gained newfound appreciation for the freedom a bike provides. I started incrementally - riding to the T station and nearby shops until one day taking the plunge and riding the 6 miles to work with a group of LMA colleagues during Bike Week 2015. From there, I was hooked and starting riding my bike EVERYWHERE! Then, I got a set of bar mitts and studded tires and now I'm a year-round bike rider. I love having the option to be multi-modal by pairing my bike with public transportation and appreciate the freedom of no longer being reliant on a car for most trips. I save so much money and by traveling in a more physically active way I hope to reduce my risks of some of the health challenges present in my family. 

Why Priscilla rides: because what kind of dog mom would I be if I didn't let my fuzzy barnacle have her own bikejoy - you see so many more squirrels by bike than you do looking out the window at home!

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  • Stacey King
    published this page in Why I Ride 2020-08-24 09:45:17 -0400
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