How to Join 2020 MassCommute Bicycle Challenge

What is Go MassCommute?

GoMassCommute is a free multi-purpose platform that helps you plan and log trips you take to work, school, to run errands, for fitness or just for fun. MassBike has partnered with MassCommute, the statewide coalition of Transportation Management Associations, to use the GoMassCommute platform to log all of your bicycle trips during Bay State Bike Month this September. Those who log their bicycle trips will be able to participate in a series of challenges to win great prizes, including the annual MassCommute Bicycle Challenge. You will also get to see the environmental and financial impacts of your personal transportation, and the trips you log help us to advocate for even more improvements to bicycling access and infrastructure across Massachusetts.

How do I get started with GoMassCommute?

  1. Sign up and join the MassBike network! Go to to get started.
    • Already have a GoMassCommute account? Click the “Join the MassBike Network” button, then click the “Login to Join” button and log in with your email address and password. 
    • Don’t have a GoMassCommute account? Click the “Join the MassBike Network” button, then click the “Register to Join” button and go through the signup process. Complete all fields but keep in mind: you may enter a street or landmark if you don’t want to use exact addresses; and while the GoMassCommute language focuses on commuting to work, you may use another regular destination like school, shopping, recreation destinations, church, etc. You’ll be able to add more trips later. 
      1. On the last Sign Up screen, keep MassBike as a selected Network, but you can also search for other networks to join – your employer or residential building may already have a GoMassCommute network that you can join and take advantage of other great programs!
      2. Complete your registration by checking your email for the confirmation link. 
  2. Get to know your Dashboard! Set up any regularly occurring trips you expect to take by bike in the My Commutes section so you can log trips quickly during Bike Month:
    • Use the My Commutes section of your dashboard to create favorite trips you take to anywhere by bike. You can edit your favorite trips, add new ones at any time, and toggle between multiple trips using the dropdown menu. 

How do I know if my employer or building manager also has a GoMassCommute network that I could join? 

GoMassCommute was designed for MassCommute’s Transportation Management Associations and their members - check out the MassCommute TMA membership page to see if your employer or building is a member - adding these affiliations could maximize benefits offered through other GoMassCommute networks. You can add networks to your account at any time when you are logged in by going to Your Name > Edit Profile > My Networks

I created an account for the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge in the past – is it still active?

No, unfortunately. You will need to create your new GoMassCommute account to participate in MCBC and Bay State Bike Month challenges this year.  

How do I use GoMassCommute to log my bike trips?

There are a few options to log your bike trips: 

  • Using the web – go to your Dashboard and find the Log Your Trips section.
  • Select the day(s) you wish to log trips on the calendar.
  • Choose a favorite trip that you’ve already entered from the dropdown next to your calendar or enter your start and end addresses in the fields below. 
  • Enter the details about your trip then click the green “Log Trip” button –the date on your calendar will turn green to confirm the trip was logged. You may log multiple trips on the same day, but they cannot overlap in time.
  • Using the Commute Tracker app – download the Commute Tracker by Ride Amigos app from your iOS app store and allow location-based commute detection when prompted.
  • Commute Tracker will show you trips that it detected you took (if you have location services on) or trips it expected you to take based on the trips you’ve previously logged; click on each trip to confirm if accurate, edit if needed, or delete if you didn’t take the trip. You may also manually add a trip by clicking on the (+) in the top right corner.

You can also check out these helpful RideAmigos video tutorials on logging trips using the web and app

If you use Strava, refer to this guidance on connecting your accounts. 

How do I participate in Bike Month programs using GoMassCommute, including the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge? 

This is the fun part! We are setting up a variety of programs within GoMassCommute to encourage you to pedal through September, log your trips, earn rewards, and enjoy some friendly competition. We’ll continue to announce programs and challenges as we release them, but here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • Monthlong Bay State Bike Month Challenge: When you join the MassBike network, you’ll automatically be joined to the challenge spanning the whole month. All you have to do is log your trips through the web or app. 
  • MassCommute Bicycle Challenge and other Specific Bike Month Challenges: If you’ve joined the MassBike Network, you will also see buttons to join challenges as they become available. You can always find the Challenges available to you on your GoMassCommute account by logging in and going to Programs > Challenges on the web or app and joining the Available Challenges.

Stay tuned as we develop shorter, more focused challenges throughout Bike Month geared towards encouraging you to rack up miles, take more trips, and expand the days and/or types of trips you take by bike. For example, you might see an errand-specific challenge to encourage you to do more of your shopping by bike or a challenge to get you riding more during the weekends! 

  • Competing in Challenges on a Team: Challenges are designed to encourage friendly competition, and with that in mind, the bike trips you log count towards your individual efforts, your employer/building network’s efforts (if they have a network and you’ve joined it), and can also count towards a team if you form or join one. When you join a Challenge, you’ll be able to also Create a Team and invite others, or Join a Team by searching or accepting a join link.
  • Surveys: Some challenges may include a brief survey when you join – we promise not to make them too painful, but a few questions help us get a better understanding of you as a bike rider and may provide additional opportunities for us to recognize your efforts. 
  • Leaderboards: View your stats in a particular challenge and see how you and your teams stack up against the competition on each challenge’s leaderboard. 

How do I join or form a team? What’s the difference between a team and a network?

When you participate in challenges, your rides count towards the leaderboard in all of these ways:

  • As an individual participant - your trips logged count towards your individual performance and rankings.
  • As part of a network - if you are in an employer/building, or TMA network within GoMassCommute, your trips automatically count towards getting those networks on the leaderboard when we run a system-wide challenge like the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge.
  • As part of a user-created team - these are teams you form with your riding club, neighbors, friends, department, etc. When you join a Challenge, you will also be able to Create a Team and invite others to join it by sending them the team URL; you can find a team to join by clicking Join a Team or use the URL that your teammate sends you. 

Is there an age limit to participate?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to use the GoMassCommute system and participate in challenges.

How do you know I’m not “gaming the system”?

GoMassCommute was developed to gamify your transportation options, but not for you to cheat. As with past Bike Month events, we’re counting on you to log your bicycling activities accurately and we reserve the right to disqualify anyone who may be participating in our programs dishonestly. 

What else can I do with GoMassCommute?

  • Plan trips and review your transportation options before you go.
  • Watch the impact of your transportation choices add up.
  • Form or join bike pools (and carpools and vanpools!),
  • If your employer has a GoMassCommute network, logging your commutes may translate to points you can earn towards additional rewards and prizes. 

Who can see my personal info? What is the GoMassCommute Privacy Policy?

No one will see your personal information if you do not add to your Public Profile (under your Name > Edit Profile online or the Profile icon in the app). Your public profile is visible to the parent GoMassCommute network. You can also decide how much personal information to share in the “My Commutes” section of the site. You may keep your trip details private or make it visible to “Everyone” in the greater Boston GoMassCommute network, or “Specific Networks” (e.g., employer or MassBike only). The GoMassCommute privacy policy can be found under your name when you are logged in to the GoMassCommute web platform.

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