Join the 2021 MassCommute Bicycle Challenge

MassBike has joined forces with MassCommute to bring you statewide bicycle programming and challenges during Bay State Bike Month this September including our signature event, the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge (MCBC), September 19th-26th

How to Participate in the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge:

1. Join your TMA's tracking platform or MassBike's Love to Ride Group

-Need to find your TMA's tracking platform? Check out the list below to join.

2. Join Challenges

-Your TMA will have a challenge set up for you

-If joining using MassBike's Love to Ride Group, you're automatically entered into the challenge once you join

3. Log your bicycle trips 

-If part of a TMA, reach out directly to them if you need assistance with logging

-If using MassBike's Love to Ride Group, email [email protected] for assistance

4. Watch your trips and miles add up!


TMA Trip Logging Platforms

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