Bay State Bike Month 2021

  • Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 10:00 AM
    Madeline English School in Everett, MA

    Bike to the Ocean: Northern Strand Trail, Everett to Nahant and back (Unofficial)

    Explore the new Northern Strand Community Trail with a 24-mile group ride from Everett to Nahant Beach and back, using this route:

    In normal years, Bike to the Sea holds an official ride in early June. This year, parts of the trail are under construction, so the organization has elected to hold only a virtual event rather than an official ride.

    We will meet on Saturday, May 22, at the same place where the official one did, the Madeline English School in Everett. We'll start at the more civilized hour of 10 am. Turnaround point will be the far end of the Nahant Beach causeway.

    Because the trail is still under construction, we may need to ride on some unpaved surfaces, dismount to walk our bikes around construction, or detour around closed areas of the trail onto roads.

    This unofficial ride will differ from the official one in several ways:
    - No pre-registration and no registration fee
    - No T-shirts. If you have a previous year's Bike to the Sea T-shirt, wear it. If you have some other bike-related T-shirt, wear that.
    - No food or water distributed en route. Bring your own.
    - No sagwagon service. Be prepared to fix your own flats or other mechanical problems if necessary.
    - No police escort or assistance at intersections.
    - No printed maps distributed before the ride
    - No official after-party inside Dockside restaurant in Malden. Instead, riders may wish to find outdoor patios to eat at. Night Shift Brewery in Everett is near our start and finish point.

    Mass. DCR has promised me that the bathhouses and restrooms at Nahant Beach will be open.

    Riders who don't want to bike all 24 miles have an option to board the MBTA Commuter Rail in Lynn, and ride it back to Chelsea or North Station.

    I encourage participants to join, or donate to, Bike to the Sea ( ) after the ride, and to attend Virtual Bike To the Sea evening on June 5. I will add a link to their event once it becomes available.

    [Rain date: Sunday, May 23, 10 am]
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