Why I Ride: Javier Raxcacó

I ride my bike because it gives me a sense of freedom. 
Freedom from the fake parts of the world. Freedom from the confines of my block or my apartment. Freedom from laziness. Freedom from the grip of the international oil trade. Freedom from the running thoughts in my mind. Freedom to explore. Freedom to learn. Freedom to exist. 
Being able to bike is how I can be part of the landscape of a certain place. I am able to learn the streets better, see more, experience more. I'm able to express myself through my riding style--somethings chill and relaxed, sometimes fast and aggressive, sometimes steady and focused, sometimes energized, and sometimes totally exhausted. 
Biking has shown me a lot about life. There are times when I feel fantastic! I feel like I can bike forever with no problems. Then I have moments when I just want to stop and never bike again. At the end of the day, there's no option but to keep peddling until I reach my destination. 
Life is just that. No matter what, all we can do in this life is continue peddling. There are moments of rest and recovery, but those are short-lived. There are moments of intense effort and exhaustion, but those too are temporary. The only constant is the pushing of the pedals; one way or another we just have to keep moving towards our destination. 
Until we can't keep peddling. 
Biking has showed me how fleeting life is. Human life is so fragile. One wrong move and my life could be significantly altered, or completely ended. It's part of the experience of biking. It's part of the experience of life. 
To me, riding my bike is how I live. It is life itself. 
Through my bike I can break down human barriers. I meet new people, see new places, experience a new life, even if it's just for a short moment. It's how I express myself. It's how I rebel against society-- I take over the streets, blast music as I bike, I tell society; "this is me. I am here. I don't care what you think. I deserve to be here too. I deserve to be the ultimate expression of myself". 
Biking is empowerment. Biking is community. Biking is health. Biking is emotion. Biking is triumph. Biking is tragedy. 
Biking is love. 

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